Frequently asked questions

My Reel Productions is a London based filming company specialising in producing Showreels, Voicereels and Self Tapes for actors.

Trust us, we’ve been there. Many of our crew are actors first hand so understand the frustrations of either not having a reel at all, or feeling your current material isn’t up to par. 

A strong Showreel and Voicereel is a personal acting advert. We understand the importance and here at My Reel Productions, we deliver high quality, slick, bespoke reels, tailored to you. 

Earlsfield. A 10 minute walk from Earlsfield train station.
Full details on receipt of booking.

With video games, animation and digital media more popular than ever before, It is vital to have a high quality voice reel.  

Using industry standard equipment, a professional studio and full direction; your voicereel will stand out from the crowd.

Upon booking, you and one of our team will discuss your casting and the kind of scripts that would be best for you. We will ask you to provide any voice over work you have previously done. If you are a new voice over artist, we will ask you to send over three voice clips from our stock scripts. We will then send over the scripts and secure your booking.

  • Premium Package: You will receive each individual recorded track and then a fully edited demo. (A compilation of the three tracks containing both narration and commercial).
  • Professional Package: Three fully produced demos of your narration and commercial tracks (one of which will be a 90 second compilation for Spotlight, Mandy, Voiceover Directories etc).
  • Character Package: You will receive each individual character track along with a fully edited demo (a 90 second compilation expertly mixed with soundscapes).
  • The Works Package: You will receive four demos: narration, commercial, character and a full three minute compilation showing your best work.
  • Premium Package: Six scripts will be provided for you to choose from.
  • Professional Package: We will provide you with five narration and ten commercial scripts. You will be asked to provide a monologue and a passage from a book of your choice.
  • Character Package: We will have have ten character scripts prepped for you. As well as this we ask for you to provide an additional ten scripts for characters of your choice. These can be as straight cut or as bizarre as you like. Stick to things you love or relate to, whilst leaving room for exploration.
  • The Works Package: Twenty five scripts will be provided for you. As well as this, we ask for you to provide an additional ten scripts for characters of your choice (like the Character Package), a monologue and an excerpt from a book.

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your session begins.

An online download link which will be emailed to you upon completion- formatted for both WAV and MP3 which can be uploaded to Spotlight, Mandy, Soundcloud, etc.

Of course! Drop us an email and we’ll be happy to lend a hand. 

For each voicereel package, a 50% deposit will be required before the day of recording. This is will only have to be paid when you are happy with the scripts and committed to the day of recording. 

Yes, you can cancel your session date, but you must let us know at least 7 days before the day of recording.

Bank transfers are ideal. Though we will accept cash if unavoidable. A detailed invoice will be sent over once you are happy and committed to the shoot day.

No problem. Email any other enquiries to and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

If you have any other questions about a session, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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